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tpp mission

The mission of the tiny poetry project is to give not take. Each tiny poem by poet Wendy Hind is a gift to be meditated upon, shared, and then planted or framed. The artisan paper is created from locally sourced recycled fibers, so every card will be a bit imperfect - just like us. The envelopes are 100% recycled and the clear sleeves are plant-based and compostable. No plastic. Tiny poetry cards are kind to our hearts and to the environment. They are truly, medicine for the soul.

tpp wilds line

tpp wilds have beautiful prose printed on locally sourced, handcrafted, artisan seed paper. The A2 cards are elegantly designed to be framed or planted into a tiny wildflower garden.  


tpp origami line 

tpp origami cards feature an exquisite handmade origami embellishment. The A2 cards are crafted from recycled cotton and each card has an ethereal tiny poem - perfect for framing.

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