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Published September 2021

Upon publication was in the top 10 on Amazon's Hot New Releases in Poetry by Women!


My Tattoos is a collection of riveting poems, stark with moments of beauty, the freight of pain and triumph. Here, splendor abounds, hewed with care and precision, in poems that are filmic “delicate…strong…” and “magically spun”.


Saddiq Dzukogi, poet and author of acclaimed, “Your Crib, My Qibla." Oprah Daily 29 of the Best Poetry Books 2021.



Wendy Hind’s new book My Tattoos is an emotionally rich and sometimes brutally accurate depiction of medicine’s miracles and limitations…Hind is a stern teacher with a compassionate heart; this book warns us that we are all “lying in the shadow of health.”


Deirdre Neilen, PhD, Editor, The Healing Muse


Wendy Hind’s chapbook, My Tattoos, creatively and thoughtfully illuminates many of the aspects of complex medical healing…Hind’s collection of poems is a powerful narrative medicine tool to start, continue, and inspire future healing discussions in medical schools and any healing community. 


Jeffery P. Gold, MD

Chancellor, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Chancellor, University of Nebraska at Omaha



Words form in the mind, but they are born of the heart and soul of a life’s experiences…Hind reveals through her poetry the steppingstones of a journey that offers all of us a touchstone to the truth that healing can only begin when the hurt is replaced with hope. Read her words and embrace the reality that no matter what ails you, none of us is alone.


William C. Moyers

Author of Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption

Vice President at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation



*If you would like to order a book for $16.50 please email your request to: Also available on Amazon and at Kelsay Books.


artwork by William Hind - created using acrylic paint, syringes, scalpel, and thread

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